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Artists Elaina Panagakos and Glenn Gillespie established VIRTU in 1995.  Since then, they have worked together, side by side, throughout New England in the interior design field.
Elaina earned a BFA from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  She graduated magna cum laude with a concentration in sculpture.  It was her exploration in creating thematic structures to display her paintings that prompted the shift of her major from painting to sculpture.  She is equally comfortable in both disciplines, and readily applies aspects of both in creating interior designs.   
Glenn is an accomplished graphic and fine artist with over twenty-five years of experience as an artistic resource for homes and businesses.  He has been a self-motivated, commissioned artist since grammar school.  In his personal artwork, portraiture and character studies are his focus.  Glenn is also an experienced carpenter and home renovator.  His skill and artistic attention to detail result in a superior quality of work.
Together, they work in a broad range of styles, media, and techniques.  Both are experienced in traditional painting, airbrushing, sculptural processes, glasswork, metalwork, restoration, and custom carpentry. They are adept at working in any capacity required: a designer, artisan, or both. In addition, they offer their specialized artistic services to other professionals in the interior design and home building fields.
Each project begins with carefully listening to a client's concerns and objectives.  Glenn and Elaina will work to create a client's specific vision, or provide a range of options when the possibilities are open to any direction.  They are accustomed to researching and developing designs.  This involves providing the client with detailed samples and illustrations.  Planning and preparation are held in the utmost importance to  ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently .
Exploring all options, being flexible, and giving a clear picture of the proposed design provides the client with the greatest assurance that they are getting exactly what they want.  These principles are the basis of VIRTU's working process.
Elaina and Glenn maintain a consistent and superior level of quality in all of their projects.  They personally design and work to create every detail.  "It's just the two of us from start to finish. Each project is a sincere reflection of our passion to create beautiful things."
In addition, VIRTU offers a full range of interior design services to help complete
all aspects of every project.
The client requested a vine motif for the arches in their Victorian home.  The design process for the "Victorian Arches" began with a series of sketches. The client chose to combine the medallion and scroll from the first pair of sketches with the border of the second pair of sketches. From there, full color sketches and a monochromatic version of the chosen elements were presented. The monochromatic sketch, featuring an antiqued color scheme, was chosen as the final design.  The client decided to omit the tertiary flowers explored in the color phase.  The paints used within the arches were customized, on-site, to perfectly complement the colors  from the adjoining rooms.    
Example of  the Design Process for the "Victorian Arches" Featured in Designs & Details:
Example of the Design Process for the "Asian Scrolls" Featured in Designs & Details:
For this project, the client was open for ideas. After consulting and observing details from the adjacent rooms, research and drawing began. The presentation to the client started with a fully developed sketch of the proposed idea. Along with the painted sketch, samples of finishes for the mouldings and the lunette-shaped shelf were provided. The client was enthusiastic about the design, and requested a cherry blossom motif in a softer palette for the scrolls.  A sketch of the cherry blossom motif was provided.  Once all of the details and colors were finalized, the design was applied to both sides of the small alcove with subtle details unique to each scroll.    
All paints and materials used are high in quality and low in VOC ratings.  VIRTU Art & Design is licensed and insured.
Thank you for your interest.
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