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​​M  U  R  A  L  S   ​​​

Irish Landscape Mural
​An Irish landscape, featuring a pastoral vista and traditional thatch cottage, was painted on the walls of this foyer staircase.  The height of the walls provided a beautiful expanse for the subdued colors of the sky. Melrose, MA​​​​​​​
Maritime Theme Mural on Canvas
A maritime theme, painted for the Joseph Story Designer Show House, depicts an eighteenth century trade ship nearing an exotic port along the coast of the East Indies.  The foreground of the painting features an observation point with items left behind by the lookout. The mural was painted on a canvas specifically proportioned for this location, and applied to the wall of the staircase. The frame of the mural and the woodwork throughout the area were painted with an antiqued finish.  A mural of Boston Harbor, Salem's sister port, was applied in the same manner to the wall opposite the mural of the staircase.  A Greecian key design with an ebony and tortoiseshell, faux finish was painted on the floor to ornament the staircase. To coordinate with the key design, the railings and steps of the staircase were painted with an antiqued, amber faux finish; the structure of the stairs and balusters were painted black. Salem, MA   
Autumn Landscape Mural
An autumn landscape was painted on the walls of this open concept living space. The mural surrounds a working, stone waterfall. The wall below the actual stones features a trompe l'oeil continuation of the waterfall flowing into a tranquil pool of koi. The vibrant panorama of the upper walls creates an ideal setting for this unique and bold focal point.   Hampstead, NH​​​​​​
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