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Neoclassical Hand Painted Design
Custom Designed Painted Stained Glass Window
Large Custom Hand Crafted Vases
An intricate, Neoclassical design was painted within the arches of this formal, sitting area.   This elegant motif was rendered in soft, monochromatic tones that complement the original details and style of this home's Victorian design. Winchester, MA
This "stained glass window" is actually painted on glass.  It is a custom designed example of art with a function.  For this quaint powder room, it serves to provide privacy without a curtain and holds the vanity mirror above the basin.  The stained glass design was painted on seedy glass using specialized paints.  The design was embellished with glass cabochons, Murano glass beads, Swarovsky crystals, and tesserae of abalone and cultured pearls. Decorative bead moulding, covered in gold leaf, frames the window. Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper was hung at chair rail height.  The top edge of the paper was cut by hand to create a decorative silhouette of the paper's pattern.  A gold leaf design was added to the wall accentuating the decorative edge.  Winchester, MA
Floor Plan Note:  This powder room is located off the Victorian sitting room of the previous example.  The design of the window was an adaptation of the design painted within the arches. 
This pair of large vases was specifically designed for display within these hallway niches.  They were sculpted by hand in our studio without the use of molds. The vases are 51" in height.  Their shape is flask-like, wider than deep; and, they are weighted at the bottom for stability.  The multi-layer, painted finish and soft sheen give the impression of fired pottery.  Andover, MA 
Floor Plan Note:  These vases and niches are located within the grand foyer featured as the second example in Faux Finishes
Hand Painted Ceiling Medallion
Lunette Celadon Shelves
Trompe L'oeil Asian Scrolls
The barrel vaulted ceiling of this alcove was embellished with custom made, bead moulding arranged in a diamond pattern.  The ceiling was covered in silver leaf.  A silver rosette highlights each intersection of the pattern.  In the center of each rosette, a Swarovski crystal adds an iridescent twinkle.  Andover, MA  
Floor Plan Note:  This alcove and dining room are located off the grand foyer featured as the second example in Faux Finishes.
These Asian inspired, woven scrolls were painted on each side of a small alcove.  They both feature cherry blossoms and a careful arrangement of delicate flora.  They are a pair, however, subtle differences in detail and imagery make them unique from one another.  The lunette-shaped shelves were custom designed for this application.  They were hand made in our studio and painted to resemble crazed, celadon, ceramic pottery.  In keeping with the theme, the moulding of the alcove was painted with a pearlescent finish.  The ceiling was painted a rich, dark brown to create a dramatic ambience and direct one's focus to the lighted designs.  (The pair of ceramic pots with an iridescent glaze, displayed upon the shelves, are by Aron from the client's collection.)  Andover, MA
Floor Plan Note:  This alcove is located off the grand foyer featured as the second example in Faux Finishes.
A medallion design was painted on the ceiling of this dining room.  The walls were painted a rich, royal blue to complement and contrast the client's draperies.  The color palette and style of the ceiling's design were influenced by the fabric.  The field within the tray ceiling was painted to resemble the loose, brushed  texture of the fabric's background.  The medallion's structure consists of a series of concentric circles.  Each circle renders elements, textures, and colors inspired by the fabrics design. Additional details border the tray ceiling and engage the shape of the tray with the four corners of the room.  Andover, MA
Floor Plan Note:  This dining room is adjacent to the alcove shown above and the grand foyer featured as the second example in Faux Finishes.

D E S I G N S   &   D E T A I L S 

Silver Leaf Ceiling
Victorian Dining Room
Moorish Revival Sitting Room
This Victorian dining room was meticulously designed in period details.  The upper walls and ceiling were covered in Bradbury & Bradbury, Neoclassical wallpapers.  Each horizontal band of color or pattern, even the gold stipe, is an individual piece of wallpaper.  Each element of the design was custom arranged.  The mantle and woodwork were painted with an intricate palette that highlights the opulence of the rooms architectural details.  The crown moulding was large enough to be further embellished with a strip of laurel leaf wallpaper.  A scallop design was hand painted within the chair rail to create a balanced gradation of detail from the ceiling to the floor.  The original carvings of the fireplace, the garlands of abundance and the brimming compote, were painted to resemble colorful, Victorian majolica.  The petite columns and panels above the doorways were marbleized adding a final layer of color and texture to the depth of this room's design.  Winchester, MA
This sitting room adjoins the Victorian dining room shown above.  The walls and ceiling were painted in a lush, yet subdued, palette of burgundy and beige.  The mantle and woodwork throughout the room were painted with an antiqued finish to accentuate their details.  A border of Bradbury & Bradbury wallpaper was hung below the crown moulding along the entire perimeter of the room.  The decorative edge of the wallpaper was cut by hand.  The cut silhouette was a custom design created in the manner of the Moorish Revival style of the Victorian era.  Just below the wallpaper, delicate filigree was hand painted in matching burgundy to enhance the design.  Winchester, MA
Floor Plan Note:  The Victorian dining room and Moorish sitting room featured above are located across the foyer from the arched sitting room at the top of this page. 
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