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Limestone Faux Finish
Dramatic Faux Finish in Grand Foyer
Warm Toned Faux Finish
The walls, square column, and mouldings of this observatory were painted to match the real limestone tiles of the floor.  Grout lines were painted to give the impression of large slabs.  All painted surfaces were coated with a soft, gloss sheen to add depth and a layer of protection.  Charlestown, MA
This warm toned, organic, faux finish was painted on the walls of a large foyer and sitting area.  The palette and texture were inspired by the richly colored, marble tiles accenting the floor. All of the wrought iron balusters of the staircase, originally black, were painted to give the appearance of rusted iron and adhere to the warm color scheme.  Kennebunkport, ME 
This dramatic faux finish was painted on the walls throughout this grand foyer.  It is an exploration in color, texture, and compositional flow.  The cool palette of this organic texture compliments the rich, cherry woodwork and crisp architectural components of the room's design.  (The pair of large vases displayed within the niches of the second floor were made by VIRTU.  They are featured in Designs & Details. The tabletop displays of glass are from the client's collection.)  Andover, MA
Alabaster Faux Finish
Aged Plaster Faux Finish
Reflective Brushed Silver Faux Finish
A soft, alabaster, faux finish with subtle viening was painted on the walls of this open concept, living room and dining room space.  The colors of the faux finish and the coordinated color of the ceiling create the subdued foundation of the rooms decor.  Charlestown, MA.
A reflective, brushed, silver faux finish was painted on the walls of this entry hall.  An antique patina was added along edges and corners to add character and accentuate the vibrancy of the metallic sheen. A tray ceiling design with corner medallions was painted using tones of silver and black.  As a finishing touch, the mirror was custom designed and finished to reiterate the details of the room.  Charlestown, MA
A consistently textured, "aged plaster" faux finish was painted on the walls of this kitchen. Its cheerful, golden tones compliment the French Provincial decor of the breakfast area.  This texture is very adaptable.  It works well in many design schemes, from rustic to traditional.  The texture may be emphasized or softened; and, the color can be done in a multitude of custom combinations.  Wenham, MA

F A U X   F I N I S H E S 

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