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​P   O   R   T   F   O   L   I  O

Entry, Hallway & Sitting Room:  An organic, stone textured, faux finish was painted on the walls of the entry area and throughout the second floor hallway.  The palette of the faux finish transitioned from the terracotta of the kitchen walls to the green of the living room walls.  The living room walls were highlighted with painted panels fringed with the silhouette of wind blown trees.  Newport, RI
Painted Persian Rug:  A Persian rug was painted on the floor of this entry area.   This trompe l'oeil design utilized an existing, mahogany inlay for its outer border. Tassels, a floral motif, and center medallion complete the design.  Charlestown, MA
Powder Room:  The walls were painted with a faux finish complementing the marble. A metallic, twisting vine motif was painted along the ceiling and backsplash. Amber and iridescent beads embellish the design.   Andover, MA
Kitchen Faux Finish:  A rustic, "aged plaster", faux finish was painted on the walls of this kitchen.  A scrolling design with shafts of wheat was painted along the ceiling line and in key areas creating decorative focal points throughout the room.    Winchester, MA
Ceramic Finish on Cover:  The switch and outlet covers located within this kitchen backsplash were painted with a faux, ceramic finish to blend into the surrounding tile. Winchester, MA
Tumbled Marble Finish on Cover:  The switch and outlet covers located within this kitchen backsplash were painted with a faux, tumbled marble finish to blend with the surrounding tile. Charlestown, MA 
Children's Bathroom Mural:  The walls of this children's bathroom were painted with a stylized underwater view. The goldfish were inspired by the design of an antique, hand painted, Victorian tile.   The undulating waves are capped with a "splashing" scroll design. Winchester, MA
Mediterranean Style Lobby:  The arches and columns of the second floor were designed to create a Mediterranean theme in the lobby of this manufacturing plant.  Faux finished balustrade caps and custom made inserts were created to embellish the massive, quartz, staircase.  The balustrade caps were painted with a faux, tiger's eye finish. The richness of the tiger's eye finish contrasts and complements the lighter colored, rough hewn, quartz stones of the staircase.  The balustrade cap at the foot of the staircase was painted with a faux, inlay design of quartz and tiger's eye.  The vine motif was carried into the design of the metal inserts.  The inserts were made of aluminum and painted with a rusted finish.  VIRTU designed, plasma cut, finished and installed these decorative inserts.  Haverhill, MA
Master Bedroom:  The walls of this bedroom were painted in a richly colored, dramatic, faux finish.  This master bedroom is part of a suite that includes the Turkish bathroom and lavender dressing room featured in the examples shown above.    The palette for this finish was derived using the warm and cool tones of bronze and lavender. Winchester, MA
Moorish Style Bathroom: This bathroom features the silhouette of a decorative canopy extending downward from the ceiling.  The walls were painted with a softly textured, faux finish.   Winchester, MA.
Dressing Room:  This dressing room was painted in an elegant palette of lavender and ivory tones.  It features a cool, lavender toned, antiqued, faux finish on the ornate facades of both closets. Winchester, MA.
French Countryside Mural:  The mural was painted on the staircase of a foyer.  The mural features a glass vase of irises, an idyllic, stone bridge, and a trompe l'oeil balustrade with a stone terrace.  North Andover, MA
Victorian Sitting Room:  The mantle, cabinetry, and woodwork throughout this sitting room were painted with an antiqued finish. The ceiling was painted with a scrolling vine and rose motif.   The ceiling design was painted along the entire perimeter of the room, and around the chandelier.  Melrose, MA
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