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T R O M P E   L 'O E  I  L    

Trompe L'oeil Sky Ceiling
A luminous sky and oval skylight were painted on the ceiling of this two story foyer.  Ornamental mouldings and corbels were rendered to define the opening.  Delicate ironwork with brass detailing appears to support the chandelier.  These trompe l'oeil, architectural elements further the illusion by adding logic and purpose to the design.  Cohasset, MA  
Trompe L'oeil Niche and Vase
A trompe l'oeil niche and vase were painted on a Roman arched panel.  The panel was wrapped in canvas and painted along each side to add a dimension of depth to the illusion (27"W X 48"H).  This concept is very versatile; canvases or panels may be constucted and painted in various themes, shapes, and sizes.
Trompe L'oeil Koi Pond Painted Floor
A koi pond and stones were painted on a hardwood floor.  This surreal design was centrally located within an open concept living space.  The stones gradually trail off, and lead the eye to other areas of the home.   Cambridge, MA
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